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Rennerdale VFD Fire and Rescue

We Need Your Help!!!


The Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Department is a 100% volunteer fire and rescue company made up of citizens from your community.  We volunteer our time and skills to assist the residents and visitors of Collier Township during fire, rescue and other emergencies.  We respond to your emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In 2018 we responded to over400 fire/rescue related emergencies. Our members have volunteered over 9,500 hours so far this year for training, property and vehicle maintenance, administration, and emergency responses.

Fortunately for our organization, there are hundreds of people, like you, in our community who realize the expense involved in emergency services. The Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD) is funded almost completely through donations. Our budget is $150,000 annually and grows a little each year. Collier Township donates $90,000 which leaves a deficit of $60,000 that we must raise which is why we need your help. We pay for all our vehicles, equipment, tools, supplies, training and expenses.

Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Department is now conducting its annual fund drive and we are asking for your continued support.  A donation of $60.00 per household will help us meet expenses that are budgeted to exceed $150,000 for this year. Please fill out the form on the back and return with your check. 

For those residents who can and would like to contribute more or who would like to pay by credit card, please select the Donate Now button to the right.

Why Should I Donate?


We hope that you will… but you are a volunteer in that regard as well. We do what we do for our township because we want to help our community. It is dangerous work… but it is less dangerous if our training and equipment are up to date. That is where our neighbors join in with some much-needed financial support. We all live here and need to support each other. We are the “first responders”, along with the police, to an emergency. We are the ones who assess, evaluate, plan, manage and take care of an emergency. We are counting on you because you are counting on us. Firefighting is only 25 percent of the equation.  The other 75 percent is you, the community.  Without your support we cannot provide the best service possible. This is not just our fire department it is yours.

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